application/pdfCommunity Based Services project Best Practices AnalysisBest Practices Analysis in Albanian03/07/20188MB
application/pdfBest Practices AnalysisBest Practices Analysis03/07/20188MB
application/pdfBudgeting of Preschool Education in AlbanianBudgeting of Preschool Education for children with disabilities in two municipalities (Alb)25/06/20184MB
application/pdfBudgeting of Preschool Education Budgeting of Preschool Education for Children with Disabilities in the Municipalities of Elbasan and Korça25/06/20184MB
application/pdfDiagnostic instruments for the child development disordersDiagnostic instruments for the development disorders of the children 5-10yrs14/06/20182MB
application/pdfIndex for InclusionIndex for Inclusion in Albanian 13/06/20187MB
application/pdfChild Disability in Albania national study Child Disability in Albania national study in English 14/05/20182MB
application/pdfChild Disability in Albania Disability Prevalence, Access to Services and quality of services national study in Albanian14/05/20182MB
application/pdfYoung Voices 2017, Albania Young Voices 2017, Albania Report11/04/20189MB
application/pdfSocial Accountability and Child Rights Budget Analysis Social Accountability and Child Rights Budget Analysis Manual15/02/20182MB
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