Education and Early Childhood Care and Development


All children in Albania access inclusive quality ECCD/Basic Education with improved learning outcomes and meaningful participation.


Promoting and supporting Community based approaches and Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) intervention in rural areas and in most deprived communities to offer all children equal start in life.

Contributing in policy development to ensure that the needs of the most deprived children are reflected in all policy documents that in turn provide sustainable qualitative solution at long term. 

Introducing tools and methodology for early learning assessment and support its implementation and ownership.

In Basic Education we are developing new program and replicating country wide cost effective, sustainable models that will ensure inclusion of the most deprived children.

Building an easy accessible online resource center to support teachers and education professionals training and qualification.

Ensuring access, completion and improving learning outcomes in basic education for all children focusing in the most deprived ones and supporting education authorities in monitoring process.    

Working with Universities to improve pre-services curricula focusing in mainstream principles of inclusion impacting teacher training at scale.

Advocating that voice of children and communities in decision making in education is heard and ensure quality ECCD services and basic education for the most deprived children is guaranteed.

Introducing modules of DRR response in school optional curricula and streamlining in the mainstream schools across the country to increase resilience and improve children and broader community capacities to respond to emergencies. 

What We Do