In sport and play, Together Equal and Safe

Project duration: May 2024-May 2025


Project Overview:

In Sports and Play; Together Equal and Safe is an ambitious initiative designed to promote inclusivity, equality, and safety in sports and play environments across 10 regions in Albania. Targeting children from diverse backgrounds, including children with disabilities and Roma children, the project seeks to create safer, more accessible, and inclusive areas for play and sport in schools and communities, fostering a culture of non-discrimination and protection.

Targeted Regions: Diber, Tirane, Fier, Shkoder, Vlore, Berat, Durres, Lezhe, Gjirokaster, Burrel


31,454 children, 11 - 15 years old

Children in urban and rural areas, Children with disabilities

Partners: Ministry of Education, National Olympic Committee

Key Challenges Addressed

  • Lower educational and developmental opportunities for children with disabilities and ethnic minorities.
  • Social stigma and infrastructure challenges hindering the participation of girls and children with disabilities, in educational and sporting activities.


Project Objectives:

  • To enhance safety and inclusivity in sports and educational environments.
  • To provide equitable opportunities for children, especially those facing social and physical barriers, to engage in sports and play.
  • To promote a culture of non-discrimination and child protection in sports settings.                                                     


·      Implementation of a Safeguarding and Inclusion in Sport and Development package for sport clubs.

·  Training 212 coaches and physical teachers on child safeguarding and inclusive practices using a module adapted for the Albanian context.

·      Distribution of sport materials to support inclusive play.

·      Training of 60 coaches for Unified Sport, which includes athletes with and without disabilities.

·      Support for Unified Sport teams in 6 schools to promote integrated sports activities.

·      Organizing a Football/Basketball tournament to demonstrate the skills and integration of Unified Sport teams.

·      Development and implementation of safety and inclusion policies.

·      Hosting a sport festival to celebrate diversity and inclusion in sports.

·      Conducting surveys to assess the impact of the project on safety and non-discrimination in sports environments.

·      A final event to showcase achievements and learnings from the project.

Expected Impact

The project aims to significantly reduce incidents of bullying and discrimination in sports settings, following on from previous successes such as the "Score for Education" project. By improving access and creating inclusive environments, In Sports and Play; Together Equal and Safe will not only address immediate disparities but also contribute to long-term societal changes towards greater equality and safety in sports and education for all children in Albania.

This project is funded by:

In sport and play; Together Equal and Safe - UEFA Foundation