Pathways to Wellbeing, Empowering and Resilience for Adolescents and Youth

Child Poverty project in Albania 2022-2026


To empower adolescents and youth most impacted by poverty, inequality and discrimination in Albania; Improve their wellbeing and break the poverty cycle through enhanced self-value, assertive decisions related to their future, supportive and protective families and communities that have changed their attitudes and beliefs toward the equal right of all girls and boys to be protected, to have a voice, access education, protection, employment and family strengthening opportunities.

 Program background

Albania remains one of the poorest countries in Europe even though it reached the status of a middle-income country. Even though Government has put considerable efforts in completing the legislation and policy frameworks in different sectors, implementation and enforcement frequently fall behind, while many systemic and structural barriers humper especially vulnerable population to full access to entitlements. Inequality
appears to be an inherent element of the Albanian development model. Economic growth has been accompanied by unemployment, low wages, job insecurity and migration of young people. Despite efforts, the country’s progress is challenged by chronic high rate of unemployment, especially among youth. Adolescents and youth in poor families as well as at risk of exclusion are the most affected by poverty, with less opportunities to obtain quality education, get adequate and relevant livelihood skills, therefore, less chances to break the poverty cycle, develop and be socially included.

Target reach

1797 youth,

300 early Adolescents

851 adults

Target locations 

Municipalities of Shkodra, Elbasan, Dibra

Implemented by:

Save the Children in Albania

Help for Children Foundation-Local NGO

Supported by: Bulgari

 Total budget 1,500,000 Euro

Main Activities:

  •  Activation and/or set up of Youth/Community Centers in target Municipalities (already existing ones or set up of safe and friendly spaces within schools/Municipalities assets in agreement and collaboration with local government institutions) to offer services targeting very young and older Adolescent and Youth (A/Y). 
  • Provision of info sessions, debate groups, awareness raising activities based on the agreed Activity Plan, by the Community/Youth Centres (that includes Life skills/Safe migration/youth participation/peer to peer methodology/DRR). 
  • Info sessions and awareness activities with A/Y on child rights, protection from violence, abuse and exploitation, gender-based violence. 
  • Positive Discipline sessions with parents/caregivers of both early & older A/Y (understanding A/Youth needs and provision of structure; strategies toward positive communication and conflict resolution). 
  • Coordination with local structures of Public Health to develop awareness/communication campaigns in relation to issues affecting A/Y wellbeing, reproductive health, early pregnancies with special approach to Roma/Egyptian communities and production of user-friendly materials. 
  • Support the Municipal Social Services structures to improve girls’ opportunities to follow up schooling (using family visits, counselling and cultural mediation) with specific focus on Roma/Egyptian communities. 
  • Conduct an update labor and enterprise market assessment to inform on market labour force needed, including value chains, as well as to assess the VET options and competencies in the target areas (one-time activity). 
  • Support the most in need A/Ys (including A/Y with disabilities) to overcome barriers to access and complete Vocational Education and Training (VET) schooling or Courses. 
  • Support update of curricula in VET schools through engagement of National VET and Qualification Agency and development of market driven VET course curricula including suitability for A/Y with disabilities.
  • Support vulnerable A/Y to access and successfully complete internships/apprenticeship based on individual needs, capability and interest.
  • Support and referral for AYs who completed internships to get decent employment
  • Entrepreneurial capacity building of disadvantaged youth who would like to pursue their innovative initiatives.
  • Set up in each target locations of A/Y participation board following the methodology established by General criteria for Meaningful Participation and development of advocacy plan.
  • Facilitate periodic meetings among local education authorities, municipalities and VET/employment offices on issues regarding A/Y’s career counselling, decent employment, enrolment to high schools (both VET and general schools).
  • Development of child/adolescent and parent/caregiver friendly materials on “Career/livelihood orientation” (video, aptitude tests for grade 9 graduates and grade 12 graduates) which will be used by schools to inform parents and students.
  • Inform A/Y on the safe migration and the legal ways for schooling and employment in EU, UK, US and Canada through the new set-up platform in Albanian language:   EMIGRACION I SIGURTË PËR TË RINJTË (


 Expected results:

  • Prevention of violence and abuse against AYs at home and in their community
  • Increased sustainable livelihood opportunities and entrepreneurial initiatives for A/Y, boys and girls most impacted by inequality and discrimination, with special focus on girls, A/Y from minorities and with disabilities
  • Local government institutions capable to develop and implement participatory policies and services that support AY successful transition into adulthood