Child Right Governance Project in Albania 2020-2022

'Children Stand UP' project

Our Goal

To raise awareness on climate change of youth and general population in Albania and Italy; build networks connecting youth groups and schools in both countries. In the long-term youth will become adults who actively care about nature, act against climate change and advocate about issues that will advance the social and economic issues of their generation. Through the work with Municipalities and the Ombudsperson in Albania, we will enable a favourable environment for a climate change related discussion that will take into consideration children voices and climate change impact on children rights for policy definition and implementation at local and national level.

Program background 

Climate change (CC) is one of the biggest challenges that the current generations are facing. In this regard, the international agreements signed in Paris in 2015 and the Italian National Climate Change Adaptation Plan (PNACC) outline effective adaptation and mitigation actions to deal with the negative effects of climate change. Albania is a signatory party of the Paris Agreement and the country is committed to reduce CO2 emissions by 11.5 %, compared to the baseline scenario in the period of 2016 to 2030. Albania, currently, is a low emitter of GHG, but the expectation is that the emission will increase in the coming years, mainly due to transport, agriculture and waste sectors and has a significant potential for generation of clean and renewable energy and energy efficiency. Albania has ratified the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol. 

Implemented by

Save the Children in Albania

Instituto OIKOS Onlus

Supported by

German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety through EUKI- European Climate Initiative

Save the Children Italy

Target locations

Durres, Elbasan, Mat and Dibra

Target reach

8.000 children/youth (age 10-18)

100 teachers and education specialists in four municipalities;  

20 other professionals at respective municipalities

4 professionals of Ombudsman’s Commissioner for Children's Rights

Main activities:

  • Definition of learning path for children and youth in Italy and Albania to increase their knowledge on Climate Change (CC) related and preparation of educational material.
  • Training of teachers in Italy and Albania and delivery of educational programs to children in schools in Italy and Albania.
  • Air pollution monitoring around the schools for evidence collection and awareness raising.
  • Definition and implementation of pilot project in 3 target schools in Italy and 4 schools in Albania to carry out one or more eco-actions to reduce their carbon footprint and disseminate results among families, institutions and civil society
  • Realization of virtual exchange of experiences among the schools in Albania and Italy
  • Participation of Youth from Albania and Italy to the Festival Sottosopra organized by Save the Children with specific session on Climate Change
  • Dissemination of awareness messages through UndeRadio Programme and through the ‘Change the Future’ online platform developed by Save the Children in Italy and Albania
  • Training activities for Municipalities and Albanian Ombudsperson staff on CC issues and public participation
  • Creation of an environmental and CC issues committee in each target Albania Municipality which will consist of members of government, local community and children’s representatives.
  • Carrying out an impact assessment to expose impact of climate change on children’s rights
  • Drafting and sharing at national scale a final report on project results and evidence collected by the project (including the impact assessment) in association with Albanian Ombudsperson and engaging in advocacy actions
  • Presenting the final report to the Albanian Parliament and European Network of Ombudspersons for Children (ENOC).

Expected results

  • Young population in Italy and Albania change their behaviour towards more sustainable lifestyles resulting in a diminished pressure on the environment and become advocate for inclusion of measures to contrast climate change into institutional planning.
  • Increased knowledge and awareness on Climate Change and public participation through tailored environmental education programme at schools in Italy and Albania.
  • Concrete eco-actions are realized in 3 schools in Italy and 4 schools in Albania to reduce their environmental impact and producing evidence.
  • Promotion and improvement of child participation in institutional consultation and decision making, through the establishment of committees on Environment and CC, including children representatives.






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