Young Change-Makers Shaping a Safer World for Children

Wednesday 6 December 2023

Exciting News! The first transnational meeting of children's advisory boards for #CSAPE project was a great experience for the twelve incredible young minds from Albania, Greece, BiH, Finland, and Iceland united to share their thoughts on crucial aspects of sexual education and child protection.

They passionately discussed the content and visual presentation of an informative brochure aimed at protecting children from sexual abuse. These young advocates played a pivotal role in refining materials to make them more relatable and effective for their age groups.

The role of adults—parents, legal guardians, teachers, and professionals—was also a key topic. Our bright children advisors highlighted the need for a stronger emphasis on schools in initiating the sexual education process, expressing their belief that schools should play a leading role.

Their insights emphasized the importance of educating children about their rights, including sexual rights, setting boundaries, understanding their bodies and emotions, and knowing where to seek help when needed. Empowering children with this knowledge equip them to recognize potential risks and take action to keep themselves safe!

The collaboration and the voices of these young change-makers shaping a safer future for all children, is the value of this project!  #CSAPEProject #ChildProtection #SexualEducation #ChildrensVoices #Empowerchildren.