Unforgettable Summer Camp Experience for Tirana's children

Monday 7 August 2023

This summer has proven to be a magical and unforgettable experience for about 120 children from four Community Centers in Tirana. Children participated in a summer camp that took place during June-July 2023, leaving them with cherished memories and valuable life skills.

The summer camp was nothing short of enchanting for the children, who described it as "a magical camp" filled with boundless energy, excitement, and fun. Throughout the program, they engaged in numerous sports and entertainment activities that kept them enthralled and actively involved.

Children enjoyed a wide range of activities that helped them develop various skills and fostered teamwork, cooperation, and care for one another. They participated in fun team games, volleyball, soccer, aerobics, yoga, cycling, beach and water games, and many other enjoyable activities.

Beyond Tirana city, the summer camp organized captivating excursions to places like Dajt, Shëngjergj, Divjakë, Durrës, Farka, Artificial Lake, Zoo, and farm. These excursions allowed the children to explore the wonders of nature, learn about the history, discover flora and fauna, and gain insights into the diverse world of animals and plants.

The camp also provided a platform for children to showcase their artistic talent. Engaging in creative activities such as painting and drawing, the young artists freely expressed their unique imaginations and emotions, creating wonderful works of art.

This exceptional summer camp experience provided children with much-needed respite from their daily routines and enabled them to make new friends and strengthen existing friendships. Moreover, it played a pivotal role in building their self-confidence, developing essential skills, and nurturing their inherent potential.

The summer camp was organized as part of the project "Together for the Education, Protection, and Welfare of Children." This initiative is funded by Otto per Mille Valdese, Fondazione Consulcesi, and Save the Children Italy and implemented by Save the Children in Albania in partnership with the Municipality of Tirana. The project aims to enable all children, girls and boys, to develop their potential regardless of their background or circumstances aswell as to strengthen community cooperation and networks, so that children receive the support they need as they grow and develop.

Thanks to this remarkable initiative, children were able to enjoy their summer with a perfect blend of fun, sports, psycho-social, and educational activities. The experience left children with beautiful memories and equipped them with essential skills for their personal growth and development.

As the summer draws to a close, children do cherish the moments spent at the summer camp as the most magical experience for them.