Our call to stop any form of violence and abuse against children

Thursday 19 May 2016

Save the Children strongly condemns any form of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation to every child and in particular to children, without parental care, in social care institutions!
The most recent case identified, in the social care institution for children of school age in Shkodra, reinforces our issue of concern that violence against children in institutions and not only, is still widespread and the authorities, at central and local level, professionals and society must involve to prevent and combat any form of violence against children and to ensure the absolute right of every child to be protected.
Save the Children urges the responsible institutions to step up their efforts to ensure an efficient and quality system of social protection for children and their families, as well as continuous monitoring of the implementation of children's rights. To support the capacity development of professionals, who provide services to children, monitor them continuously and evaluate their work in terms of quality of service delivery and in ensuring care, development and protection of children.
In particular, we recommend that the authorities work to strengthen the alternative care services for children, shifting services provision from residential centers to foster care service or any other alternative service, which guarantees the right of children to be safe, to grow healthy and be able to care for themselves and the society.