New Primary Health Care Center for the community in Laprake, Tirana

Monday 8 January 2018

Today, we inaugurated the new Primary Healthcare Center in Laprake, Tirana, in support of 42,000 inhabitants, out of whom 30,900 are adults and 11,100 children age 0-18. Due to the high profile and importance of the investment, for the first time in the history of the organization, the Prime Minister of Albania participated in the inauguration ceremony and recognized in the public and media Save the Children contribution for the improvement of child and mother health care situation in the neediest areas of Tirana and Albania. Minister of Health and Social Protection expressed that the ministry is looking forward to cooperate further with Save the Children for increasing access and quality of mother and child health care in the country.

Construction and equipping of this center with contemporary medical equipment and tools as well as capacity building of the health center medical staff is part of the project "Access to health and nutrition services for children and women in the peri-urban areas of Tirana supported and implemented by Save the Children in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Municipality of Tirana. Through this intervention, we aim to contribute to a sustainable and equitable use of services and practices of primary health care, to improve access and quality of provision of health services to communities in need and to support community in gaining knowledge on the rights of patients and the complaining system. This important investment was made possible by Save the Children Switzerland ensured funds.