New Community Services Center for Children with Disabilities in Durres

Monday 24 October 2016

A new Community Services Center for Children with Disabilities, the first of its kind in Durres, was inaugurated on 22 October 2016, which will provide free quality multidisciplinary services for children with disabilities with the aim to help their rehabilitation and inclusion in kindergartens, schools and community.

The main participants in the inauguration ceremony were Mr. Blendi Klosi, Minister of Social Welfare and Youth, Mrs. Nora Malaj, Deputy. Minister of Education and Sports, Ms. Anila Meco, Director of Save the Children, Ms. Aferdita Seiti, Director of the local NGO "Help Life", representatives of central and local social services, specialists of the field, children and parents.

The establishment and community model service of this center is in line with the state policies and reform of social protection for people with disabilities, it responds to the needs for support services that ensure rehabilitation and integration of children with disabilities and concrete commitment of institutions responsible for providing these services.

This center will provide free direct and integrated services for children with disabilities such as intervention at an early stage, individual treatment and therapy, educational services, information and support; training of families of children with disabilities on how to work with children and to advocate for the inclusion of their children to education and community; capacity building of public institutions at the local level to support inclusion of children with disabilities in the school system and the community as well as to allocate sufficient resources to support services for children with disabilities. The daily capacity of the center is 15-20 children per day.

The center is set up and will function in the framework of "Community-based services for children with disabilities" which is financed by the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation and implemented by Save the Children in partnership with the local NGO 'Help the Life' and in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth and the municipalities of Durres and Vlora.