Listen to my Voice Universal Children Rights Day

Wednesday 21 November 2018

On the International Children’s Rights Day, about 200 children and youth in Burrel, where children’s rights are particularly at stake, marched and advocated for their rights to be respected and fulfilled. In the "Listen to My Voice" awareness raising activity, children called to authorities to be accountable to children and improve their children rights situation focusing most deprived children. Through messages, presentations, videos, photos, drawings, theatre play and questions, children raised their issues of concern to them as regards access and quality of Education, violence against children, lack of recreational and development opportunities, lack of free medication and dental services, parents’ unemployment and emigration issues, lack of perspective for future development and employment in the country and lack of investment for children in all areas.

Our Girld Champion, Xhorda 16 years old from Burrel, opened the activity and moderated the march. The event was greeted and attended by EU Ambassador Mr Luigi Soreca, UNICEF Representative Mr. Roberto de Benardi, Mayor of Mat Municipality,  Mrs nejla Peka, Commissioner for the Protection of Child Rights at Ombudsman Institution, celebrity Mrs. Luiza Gega, athlete record holder in middle-disctance running and the head of the Education Directory in Burrel. All the event was a child-led activity (including moderation of the forum from Child-Led Group, supported by Save the Children since 2013). The whole activity was broadcasted LIVE in National News TV Channel and there was extensive coverage in news and online media later on that day on some of the issues debated between children and the authorities.