Global Disability Day celebrations

Tuesday 5 December 2017

On the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the Community Based Service (CBS) Centers for Children with Disabilities in Durres and Vlore organized exhibitions in the Art Gallery in Durres and Petro Marko theatre in Vlore respectively.

Participants in these exhibitions were of parents of children with disabilities, institutions and organizations in local level, schools, and children with disabilities.
These activities aimed to improve the attitudes of the community towards children with disabilities (CwD) by accepting and appraising their capacities; the attitudes of parents towards their CwD, to recognize their capacities and skills and support them towards inclusion.

41 children with disabilities and 61 parents and peers of children with disabilities participated in both events. National and Local Media covered the events.
In both exhibitions there were different corners; arts and crafts, cooking and music where the CwD demonstrated their skills by painting, cooking and performing music for the participants. In addition, info kits with focus the inclusion of CwD, programs of the CBS centers, and information for the parents of CwD were delivered to the participants and the community in both cities during the activities.