Global Chief Operating Officer visit in Albania

Monday 3 July 2023

Today, we had the pleasure of hosting the 1st day visit to Albania David Wright – Chief Operating Officer & Ekin Ogutogullari-Regional Director-MENAEE, of Save the Children International. 


Here's a glimpse of the meetings:

  • We kicked off the day with a productive meeting with the Mayor of Diber Municipality, Rahim Spahiu. Together, we discussed innovative strategies and collaborations to empower our community and create a brighter future for all.
  • Our next stop was visiting the family 'Lusha,' who have been receiving support from our project. Through dedicated case management and income generating activities, we have been able to meet the urgent needs of their two adolescent children. Not only are we preventing dropouts by providing after-school tutoring, but we are also fostering a nurturing environment for their growth.
  • Our visit then took us to the workplace of Eligerta, a courageous 23-year-old woman who married at a young age and became a homemaker in the village. With our project's assistance, Eligerta enrolled as a job seeker and, thanks to the collaboration with the Regional Employment Office in Diber, she has found her place as a skilled dough maker in a bakery shop. Our Youth Centre's counseling services have played a crucial role in her successful integration into the job market. We are also supporting her to continue her secondary education because we believe in lifelong learning!
  • Wrapping up an inspiring day, we had the pleasure of meeting a vibrant youth peer group at the Municipal Youth Centre. Save the Children in Albania, in collaboration with the Municipality, has established this incredible space where adolescents and youth receive valuable services. The peer group, trained on child rights, advocacy/budgeting, and voluntarism, is addressing the needs and concerns of youth in Diber. Additionally, these amazing participants have also been beneficiaries of a VET course, enhancing their digital skills and opening up new opportunities for their future.

During the visit, David Wright highlighed the importance of involvement youth in decision making and strengthening local partnerships, with public institutions and CSOs, as cornerstone of sustainability. By joining forces with children and youth and our communities, we build a resilient foundation that ensures lasting impact and a brighter future for all.

Today's visit was filled with hope, resilience, and determination to make a positive impact in the lives of children and youth and the community. We are grateful for the support and collaboration we have received from all our partners and look forward to achieving even greater milestones together!