'Equal Rights for all children'

Wednesday 8 April 2015

Today, on the #International Roma Day, Ahmet, an 11 year old roma boy, spoke about his wish to play and learn and to receive education like all his peers. Ahmet and his roma friends participated at the event “Equal rights for all children” organized by @EU Info Center, Save the Children and the local NGO Women in Development (WID) in Shkodër.

This activity aimed to raise awareness of the public opinion on the Roma community needs and called on central and local authorities to step up their efforts to ensure social integration and access to education and health for all Roma children and their families.

During this activity Roma children participants, who benefit from services offered by drop-in center for street children in Shkoder displayed their artworks and paintings prepared with recycled materials during the center recreational activities. This center is part of the EU funded project “Count us in” implemented by Save the Children and WID in Shkodër.