Drop-In center for children in street situation handed over to Tirana Municipality

Friday 17 March 2017

An outstanding model of Child protection work, in support of street situation children, is effectively handed over, on 2017, and is now managed and run by the Municipality of Tirana.

The Drop-In center for Children in Street situation started its activity in February 2009 as a joint initiative of Save the Children and the Municipality of Tirana, in partnership with the local NGO, Children of the World and of Albania (FBSH). The centre activities were supported also by EU in Albania (2011-2012) and due to high impact of interventions its model was replicated in Shkodra as well.  

For 8 years, the centre served as a safe, child friendly and nurturing environment for hundreds of children living and working in the street. It gave them a temporary caring and friendly environment to play, learn and develop their skills under the care and supervision of professionals. The centre reached, every year, more than 250 children working and living on the streets in Tirana, who benefited from recreational activities, informal education and support to enroll in school, supplies to meet their basic essential needs (food, clothing, sanitation facilities and medicine), vocational courses for youth, including literacy classes for youth as well as referrals to social, health and labor services through networking with public institutions and civil society organizations, that operate in the field of Child Protection. Children and their families were helped with official registration with city authority and with referrals to social and health services. The children also participated in friendly sessions and group discussions on different topics around children rights issues and many other social-educational activities. In the Centre, children were enabled to develop positive values and enhance their feelings of self-respect and self-esteem.

In 2017, Tirana Municipality has officially approved the takeover of the Center by a Municipal Council Decision by dedicating financial and human resources to the service of street situation children. Save the Children continues to offer technical support to the Municipality staff of Tirana this year as well, mainly on Case Management to guarantee the quality of services offered to children living and working in the street. Save the Children congratulates the Municipality of Tirana for keeping their commitment to sustainability of this successful model and services for children in street situation.