Civil society in action for protection of child rights in Albania

Thursday 29 June 2017
On the framework of the project “Civil Society in Action for Protection of Child Rights in Albania” funded by the European Union and implemented by Save the Children and Terre des Hommes please be informed of the summary of the winning projects for the 2nd round of Call of Proposals.
Organization name: Psycho-Social Centre “Vatra”
Project title: Identification and inter-sectorial protection for children victims of trafficking/potential victims of trafficking and children of victims of trafficking.
Location: Vlora Municipality and Region
Overall objective: Strengthening the system of identification, referral and protection of children victims of sexual abuse, trafficking and exploitation in Vlora.
The project aims at strengthening of the system of identification, referral and protection of children through: capacity building of state and non-state service providers; direct work for identification and referral of children through the outreach group; awareness raising of young people and community in general through school forums and distribution of informative materials.
Organization name: Association of Women with Social Problems, Durres Albania
Project title: Community Centre for Vulnerable Children of Spitalla.
Location: Spitalla (a sub-urban area in Durres Municipality)
Overall objective: Contribute to the protection of children’s rights in Spitalla to live free from all forms of exploitation.
The project aims filling the gap that hinders the community and especially children of Spitalla, to embrace full development through functioning of a Community Centre for Vulnerable Children in this area. The focus of the project will be children at risk of being in street situation and/or potential victims of trafficking, exploitation, their families and the community. The Project “Community Centre for vulnerable children of Spitalla” will be implemented in Spitalla.
Organization name: National Association of Social Worker – Albania (NASW)
Project title: Development of Local Action Plans for children in street situation in Vlora and Saranda Municipalities.
Location: Municipalities of Vlora and Saranda
The project will be based on three pillars (1) Need Assessment in Municipalities of Vlora and Saranda; (2) Drafting the Action Local Plans for children in street situation that will be based on the above mentioned needs assessment; (3) Capacity building sessions with local stakeholders on local plan’s implementation and skills for identification and referral procedures for children in street situations.
Organization name: Centre Fokus “On helping Children”
Project title: Provision of specialised services for children in street situation, children victims of sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking.
Location: Tirana, Kavaja, Lezha and Berati
Overall objective: To provide a unified and coordinated service-approach in addressing the needs of children victims of trafficking, exploitation and violence and enabling institutional response and psychological and health support.
The program is an opportunity of dealing with crisis intervention, support and assistance for children subjected to trafficking. Through engaging the national services of Hotline, the program is piloting a shift to already services and failures to assistance and support to children and communities.
Organization name: Komuniteti Papa Xhovani XXIII
Project title: ABC – Albanian Best Childhood
Location: Urban and non-urban areas of Shkoder (Bardaj, Renc, Fermentim)
Overall objective: To improve the conditions of children and vulnerable families in the rural areas.
The project foresees economic support for a school bus service, the provision of educational materials and after-school activities for children. Vulnerable families will be supported for their access to social services and informed on the importance of education and the rights of the child.
Organization name: Center for Youth Progress,Kukes
Project title: Community Monitoring of Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) in Kukës.
Location: Kukes Municipality
Overall objective: Empower community groups to monitor the CRC by developing a local understanding of CRC mechanisms, tools, and a systematic mechanism of monitoring childrens’ rights.
The project aims at strengthening child rights implementation in Albania by monitoring the implementation of the UN Convention of Child Rights (CRC), exiting Laws, National and local action plans by mobilising youth and empowering first line Child protection workers in Kukes and community groups.
Organization name: Partnerë për Fëmijët
Project title: Strengthening the Implementation of Child Rights in Tropojë Municipality through Civil Society Advocacy.
Location: Tropojë Municipality
Overall objective: To strengthen the implementation and understanding of child rights in Tropojë Municipality through civil society action.
This project will focus on strengthening the implementation of child rights in Tropojë Municipality through raising awareness on school drop-out and early marriage through awareness informative materials, the Mobile Library and community activities conducted by student governments.
Organization name: Albanian Rehabilitation Centre for Trauma and Torture (ARCT)
Project title: Community actions towards fostering rights of children at risk of violent extremism.
Location: Tirana, Durres, Kavaja, Elbasan, Berat, Korca, Vlora, Lezha, Shkodra, Tropoja, Kukes, Burrel, Rrogozhina, Peqin, Lushnja (Special focus will be given to hotspots: Shkodra, Kukës and Tropoja, Tirana, Korça and Vlora)
Overall objective: Contributing towards child-friendly and principled approaches that strengthen children’ rights implementation and mechanisms in Albanian local communities.
The project will introduce innovative interventions against violations of children’s rights and security. The project will aim introducing concerted actions towards a thoughtful, child-sensitive and principled approaches to disengaging children associated with violent extremist groups. In the Albanian context the issue of violent extremism is recently addressed through a national strategy and an action plan, designated to address solely the foreign fighters and those identified as Islamic radical groups. Children of incarcerated parents’ tent to live with stigma that they will follow their parents approach. They face problems of aggression, school dropout and trafficking.
Organization name: ENGIM – Enti Kombetar i Jozefinëve të Murialdos
Project title: Empowerment of community based services for children at risk of drop-out in Kuçova.
Location: Kuçovë
Overall objective: To contribute to the improvement of the education and social inclusion of children and youngsters at risk of school drop-out in the city of Kuçova.
The Project will aim at providing educational service that allows children to improve their basic knowledge, to build a strong relationship with their peers, to enjoy their rights and prevent them from the street situation and school drop-out.
Organization name: Alpin Tropojë
Project title: Tropojë Child Right’s Capacity Building.
Location: Bashkia Tropojë
Overall objective: To improve children’s rights in Tropoje Municipality through better enforcement of the laws and policies on children from local institutions.
The project will support the capacity building of different sectors to improve their capabilities and prepare their own action plans. The trainings will serve as baseline to begin a full assessment of needs and to identify the children at risk. The package of this training is in compliance with the national policies to strengthen the capacities of local institution and service providers for the improvement of child rights services and implementation of National Strategies and International Conventions on the Rights of Children.
Organization name: Civil Society Development Center (CSDC) Durrës
Project title: To learn about the Child Protection Units (CPUs) in our area through narrative and visual (photo voice) methodologies.
Location: Sukth, Rrashbull, Katund i Ri administrative units
Overall objective: The purpose of the project is to establish and strengthen cross-sector cooperation to implement coordinated multidisciplinary child protection interventions in Sukth, Rrashbull and Katundi i Ri administrative units.
The project aims at strengthening the child protection system in the Municipality of Durres through the development and support of the multi-sector management process and capacity building of the new CPUs established in Sukth, Rrashbull and Katund i Ri administrative units. The project also aims to improve functioning of child protection services in Durres Municipality, increasing efficiency in case management as well as improving coordination of multi-sector tables in three administrative units.
Organization name: Creative City
Project title: Children for children against trafficking
Location: Malësia e Madhe, Shqipëri
Overall objective: Increase knowledge and raise awareness of children, parents and other local actors for child trafficking through strengthening of children and communities’ participation in prevention, knowledge of risks and child protection issues in a child rights approach.
The project aims to intervene in the field of child protection and child participation. Intervention will include 6 basic education schools in 6 villages of Malesia e Madhe, the Northest part of Albania, in the border with Monte Negro aiming at increase children knowledge and awareness for protection from trafficking, and increase capacities of the local actors and public opinion in the area of Malesia e Madhe for prevention of child trafficking, violence, exploitation and abuse.
Organization name: Estia Deropolis Organization
Project title: Minority Inclusion: Social support actions and adaptation of long term policies for children at high risk in areas populated by Greek Minority members in Albania.
Location: Districts of Gjirokastra, Saranda and Delvina
Overall objective: Contributing to enhancement of the performance of the child protection system in Albania.
The project aims at the creation of an integrated horizontal framework for the drafting, adaptation and pilot application of Children Protection Policies for the social inclusion of children at high risk in areas populated by the Greek Minority in Albania. The project will focus in capacity building and awareness raising of local actors and drafting/adaptation of white papers and manuals for the Minority Children Protection and Treatment.
Organization name: Center “ASET”
Project title: “Children’s Rights Social Protection”Compasito Method – interactive training method for children and professionals of network of drop in centers for children in street situation
Location: Tirana and Shkodra
Overall objective: Increase Awareness of staff and children in the daily centers for children and Youth about their rights, obligations and responsibilities through "Compasito Method", as a good method to get informed about rights protection, participation in decision-making and activities especially among street children of these centres, who are at risk of abuse, violence.
The project will focus on increasing awareness and knowledge of children about their rights and participation in decision-making through responsible personnel ‘training using “Compasito” Method, which is based in attractive ways such as games, activities, discussions that will empower children to engage and get independent in organising activities and protect their own rights.
Organization name: Qendra e Studimeve dhe Zhvillimeve” (QSZH);
‘’Studies and Development Center ‘’ (SDC)
Project title: A social qualitative service towards a better generation.
Location: Kuçove Municipality, Berat District, Albania - 28 Nëntori and Koço Korçari Schools
Overall objective: Strengthen and promote the children rights especially the children at risk, in the Street situation, victims of trafficking and who are about to drop out of school.
The project will focus on improving the social service for the protection of children's rights which are the groups of children at risk, in the street, and victims of trafficking and about to drop out from school as well as improvement of the community involvement and awareness towards their children's rights by making public hearings, where parents, teachers and children are invited, the topic of which will be protection and strengthening the children’ rights which leads to a more secure future.
Organization name: Instituti per Kerkim dhe Zhvillim -Wisdom Research and Development Institute
Project title: Children’s card to strengthen children’ rights.
Location: Prrenjas Municipality,Halit Berzheshta High school
Overall objective: Strengthening the child rights by having all children of High school of Prrenjas “Halit Berzezhda”, participate in the questionnaire which will serve to compile the Children Card as an instrument for the needs and interests / rights of children, in order to prioritise and take appropriate measures by the respective body.
The project will focus on children’ empowerment through training, participation and mobilisation to protect their rights and creation of the “Children’ Card” which will be introduced to the school director, municipality, and regional directorate of education for identification of priorities for the children of Prrenjas city.
Organization name: In the family for the family -Research and Development Institute Wisdom
Project title: Together for our children.
Location: Durres and Fier
Overall objective: Contribute to the minimisation of the phenomena of children in street situation through preventive intervention.
The project will focus on capacity building of public and non-public professionals on child protection (police, health professionals and municipality civil servants) through training and peer to peer mentoring; advocacy at local level on children’ rights implementation and community and parents of children in street situation’ empowerment through awareness events, information sessions and capacity building.