Children in the Parliament appealed for their rights to be respected

Tuesday 5 June 2018

On 1st of June around 40 children, members of Child Led Groups "Voice 16+", called to the Albania parliament to ensure their accountability to children through presentation of the findings and recommendations of the Report "Young Voices 2017, Albania" . The study report is carried out by Save the Children in collaboration with Child Led Group 'Voice 16+' and supported by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. Children speakers, including Xhorda our Girl champion representative, presented to the members of the Parliament, part of the group "Friends of Children", their concerns and opinions regarding respect for children's rights, participation of children in decision-making, violence, bullying, safety in school and community, discrimination and social exclusion, as well as awareness of their rights and their future. During this meeting, children appealed to the Speaker of the Parliament, Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Minister of Justice and other members of the Parliament for their issues of concerns and opinions to become part of concrete policies and initiatives taken by the central and local government that will ensure the development, protection and meaningful participation of children in decision making at all levels. Participants in this meeting were also the Ambassador of the Swedish Embassy in Albania, representatives of the State Agency for Protection of Children, People's Advocate, UNICEF, parents and teachers.