Children appealed for access and quality of health care services

Tuesday 16 June 2015

Child Led Groups of four regions raised issues of concern regarding access and quality of health care services for every child in community and school during advocacy forums held recently with the health and municipal authorities.

Children discussed issues of concern for them in their regions such as: the lack of qualified health workers, lack of dental care services for children in schools, corruption in health and poor-quality medicines as well as lack of sport playground in schools.  During these forums children and youth presented their findings and recommendations for improvements in this area, as an inalienable right that impacts children's lives.

These forums are part of the Race for Survival campaign in the country which, on 10th September 2015, will be followed by children Race and the National Forum with the participation of the highest level government authorities, political leaders, celebrities and national media aiming to influence and push forward children health issues in the country.