Child-Friendly space for children and adolescents affected by the earthquake

Friday 21 February 2020

The child-friendly space, set up in the village of Bubq, is now the most supportive and fun environment for around 130 children and adolescents affected by the devastating earthquake that hit Albania on 26 November.

"My family and I live in a tent and have difficulty with conditions. I come to the center every day and I love to come. I feel at ease, I speak freely and I am friends with everyone. Here we talk about different topics, about our rights, about protecting children, having fun, doing our homework, reading and discussing a lot of things like the activities we do and the new things we need at school too" -said Nesila, 9 years old.

Children and adolescents who attend the center have the opportunity to be part of psychosocial games, educational activities, assist with school assignments, and are offered sessions on emotional management and post-traumatic stress. Information sessions are provided for their parents by qualified center staff or other psychosocial and health service experts.