Celebrating Achievements: The Close of the "Together for the Education, Protection, and Wellbeing of Children" Project

Friday 3 May 2024

After one year of dedicated efforts, the "Together for the Education, Protection, and Wellbeing of Children" project in Albania has drawn to a successful conclusion. This initiative has made substantial contributions to the enhancement of children's lives across various communities in Tirana. Funded by ‘Otto per Mille’ Waldensian Church, Fondation Consulcesi and implemented by Save the Children in Albania, in partnership with Municipality of Tirana, this project leaves behind a legacy of enhanced education and improved child welfare. 

Throughout the project duration, 156 children, aged 6 to 14, participated in a wide range of activities.

These activities, hosted at four community centers, covered educational,  sports, arts, dance, painting, English and computer skills, along with various leisure and fun activities both inside and outside the centers.

A notable achievement of the project was the development of Individual Educational Plans for 96 children in need of support. These plans, designed in coordination with the case managers at each center, were particularly designed to ensure that all services were tailored to meet the unique needs of each child.

In addition to direct services to children, the project also focused on enhancing the skills of the staff involved. A total of 23 staff members experienced supervision sessions and on-the-job training to strengthen their ability to support the educational and psychosocial development of the children. These training sessions included both individual and group supervision, helping staff address daily challenges and improve their service delivery.

The project also facilitated a study visit to Punto Luce center in Brindisi, Italy, where participants shared and discussed various approaches to working with children and their families. This visit provided valuable insights that were considered for adaptation in the Albanian context.

English and computer skills classes were particularly well-attended, and sports activities like volleyball and basketball drew enthusiastic participation, contributing to the physical and social development of the children involved.

Moreover, the project made significant improvements in resource provision, supporting 100 children with educational materials and 95 children with essential scholastic supplies. These resources are critical in removing barriers to education, particularly for deprived children, and in promoting an equitable learning environment.

The project's impact extended beyond the children to their families as well. Fifty-six parents received valuable information about local services to support their children’s educational pathways, and numerous parenting sessions were held, covering topics such as cooperative discipline, positive parenting practices, and child development stages. These sessions were instrumental in fostering a supportive and informed community around the children.

As the project wraps up, it leaves behind improved educational resources and stronger community centers. These achievements pave the way for ongoing progress in child welfare and education in Albania, ensuring lasting benefits from the project's initiatives. This successful conclusion marks not just the end of the project but the beginning of new opportunities for future endeavors in child education and welfare. 

Join us for a heartwarming look at the 'Learn, Play, Develop' video featuring inspiring moments from various activities such as vibrant dance and art classes, interactive English and computer lessons, and exciting sports activities. Witness the joy and progress made by the children in our community centers as we supported their education, protection, and wellbeing.

 Learn, Play, Develop (youtube.com)