Bvlgari visit Youth Empowerment project in Albania

Thursday 1 November 2018

On Oct 24-26, a team of 12 people from Bvlgari and Save the Children Italy visit our Youth Empowerment project in Albania, implemented in two locations, targeting most deprived youth in and out of the school system. Bvlgari team, led by Global and Europe Managing Directors, had the chance to get a real insight of the project impact and youth benefits and changes at a personal and professional skills level and economic empowerment through their business startups and employment. During the field trip, the visitors’ team met with youth and teachers in the professional schools, in Bushat and Cerrik/ north and central Albania, and saw how they are practicing their learning by using and benefiting from the new reconstructed and equipped veterinary and food processing labs. They also met with other deprived youth group, who cope with poverty and social issues, that are benefiting from the life and livelihood skills development, supported with vocational courses and enabled to get employed or startup their own businesses. The youth shared with the visitors’ team their life challenges, project involvement experience, benefits and plans/wishes for the future.



Project Background

Save the Children in partnership with the local organization Help for Children is implementing “Youth Empowerment” project financed by Bvlgari. The project is a five-year intervention that aims to guide and support youth to their pathway from basic education age to adulthood. It aims to empower the most vulnerable youth, including Roma children and youth, and create an inclusive environment that helps them overcome obstacles related to professional education and job market. The strategy of the project builds upon three keystones such as personal development, education and economic empowerment and engagement with family/communities, institutions/services and private sector in order to fulfil job aspirations. It has achieved noticeable results so far. The youth have been trained on life skills and livelihood issues, have been referred to professional vocational courses and assisted to start a business plan.

Two agriculture and veterinary laboratories have been reconstructed and equipped and schools staff professional capacities have been increased through training sessions in the two professional schools included in the project. Additionally, there have been identified the gaps in the existing academic curricula and we are currently working to change it for all the schools with the same academic orientation in all the country.

  •  The total number of children and youth directly reached by the project so far is 524 (age range 15-22).
  • The total number of parents, teachers and community members who have directly and indirectly benefited from the project activities is 2482.