Bulgari Employees field visit in Albania

Monday 30 October 2017

Save the Children in Albania had the pleasure to receive a visit from six Bvlgari employees in two projects, implemented in the field of Education and Youth Empowerment, on 26-27 October.
The project in Education includes inclusive practices and services for children from early childhood to Basic Education and reaches out children age 0-10 yrs, living in one the most impoverished areas in Gjirokastra. During their visit the Bvlgari employees had the chance to meet and interact with children of kindergarten Nr 5 in Gjirokastra. Through teachers and kindergarten meetings they got some real insights of the support children and their families receive through educational and developmental activities, provision of equipment and learning materials, training of teachers and parents, nutritious lunches for preschool children and transport for kindergarten children. They also participated in the inauguration ceremony of the newly set up and fully rehabilitated community centre in Gjirokastra. This center will serve for the community to develop different activities, focusing parents of children 0-3, and it will be mainly used as a learning environment for parents to access information and to increase capacity on child rearing, health and nutrition, child protection and holistic development of their children.

Photo credits: Francesco Alessi

In the Youth Empowerment project in Cerrik, the Bvlgari employees visit the newly rehabilitated and equipped veterinary and food processing labs in the Professional Agriculture high school and could see how support has increased interest of young people to professional learning and how youth and teachers are translating the theory into practice, useful to their professional skills. They also met with a group of deprived young people who are helped to break the poverty cycle through development of personal, educational and professional skills by so increasing opportunities to find a job and lead a life towards the economic empowerment. The two funded projects are implemented by our partners local NGOs such as Roma Active Albania and Help for Children.