“Civil society in action for the protection of child rights in Albania”

Thursday 28 April 2016

A new initiative has been launched to further protect the rights of Albanian children and give them a stronger voice. It comes as representatives of civil society organisations from across Albania claim that many issues affecting children, such as child protection and education, are still not being addressed.



Children whose rights have been violated, or are at risk of being abused, as well as those from vulnerable groups and those with disabilities, will all be targeted. Some 30 organisations working with these, and other groups of young people, including street children, will receive nearly half a million Euro of EU funding. Other civil society actors will receive capacity and networking training. This will go towards improving cooperation between the various groups as well as special sub-grants which will support various activities promoting the rights of the child..

This will also lead to a better cooperation between different civil society organisations and public institutions, allowing for a better monitoring of children's rights. This increased synergy will allow stakeholders making more informed decisions.

Stressing the need for civil society organisations across the whole country to be involved, the EU Delegation’s Erol Akdag urged them to focus on the areas of most need. He emphasised the importance of proper accountability and underlined that paperwork for the smaller organisations taking part had deliberately been kept to the minimum necessary.

Ms. Ina Verzivolli, Head of the Agency for the Protection of Children Rights in Albania, highlighted that this work is in line with the national agenda for children and supports the country’s efforts to establish an integrated child protection system.

The launch took place in Tirana on the 28th April with the attendance of around 100 civil society representatives who work on the protection of childrens’ rights. The €550,000 project, which is financed by the EU, is being implemented by “Save the Children” in partnership with “Terre des Hommes Albania”.