Child Rights Governance


Children and youth live in an enabling environment that respects their rights and listens to their voices.


Increasing accountability of duty bearers through evidence based advocacy and creating opportunities and positive changes for most deprived children.

Raising the voice on child rights violation through child and human rights mechanisms and empowering children and civil society to monitor independently the implementation of recommendations.

Strengthening and making available new mechanisms of monitoring and reporting child rights violations with a particular focus on reporting violence against children.

Strengthening the Ombudsman and State Agency for Protection of Children’s Rights (SAPCR) capacitates/role to address children’s rights to protection, and working closely with children and communities to enable them to participate and become actors of change.

Strengthening capacity of children and local communities to collaborate with Ombudsman office and take an active role in supporting children’s rights to protection.

Establishing and formalizing mechanisms that ensure participation of children and reflection of their needs in public investment planning and spending In collaboration with relevant government structures at local and central level. 

Advocating with our partners and child led groups for children' voice to be heard and act on the best interest of those affected by violation of child rights to protection. Children, focusing the most vulnerable, will be further empowered to participate in important structures and inform decision making. Institutionalizations of participatory methodologies will mainstream the participation creating sustained spaces for children to be heard. We will set up clear standards for child rights participation to be implemented in all institutions and monitored by State Agency for Protection of Children’s Rights (SAfPCR).





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