Child Protection


Violence against children will no longer be accepted as disciplinary method and way of communication in Albania


Contributing to the development of a functional national child protection system with a systemic approach and emphasis on protecting children and youth through community based and family strengthening initiatives.

Providing support to Child Protection Units/Needs Assessment Referral Units by mentoring and developing their capacities to improve responses of the needs and vulnerability of children and families.

Supporting the development of the local monitoring systems of child protection services through establishment of sustainable child participatory approaches.

Supporting children in street situation and their families to receive integrated social protection services, through support of daily centers for children in street situation in Tirana and Shkodra.

Providing non-formal education, vocational training sessions and life skills development combined with recreational activities for vulnerable children and adolescents (Roma and children in street situation) to facilitate access in mainstream schools.

Coordinating advocacy work of the network of service providers for children in street situation for changes in legislation policies and practices to ensure social inclusion of children in street situation.

Introducing Positive Discipline methodology to teachers, caregivers, parents and child protection services professionals through training programs and online platforms focusing on positive parenting and positive ways of disciplining of children.  

Promoting positive social norms, as an alternative way to violent communication and physical punishment of children, through local and national campaigns aiming to influence decision makers to improve relevant policy and legislation.

Strengthening partnership with parents and community members, for active mobilization against all forms of violence towards children and empowering them to be key actors at promoting positive changes in attitudes and social norms within their families and communities.

Piloting a foster care intervention in support of children, in public residential institution of Shkodra  aiming de-institutionalization of children through family home (casa famiglia) format for children in the institution; foster care service and community center  (daily center) for children that will leave the institution or that are at risk of institutionalization.

Collaborating and developing capacities of local structures and other partners to design and offer qualitative alternative care services for children and their families.

Advocating for influencing changes towards family-based alternative care services, at local and national level, through an evidence base multidisciplinary approach via state systems. 

We will partner with the University of Tirana to create a national knowledge base on foster care through a set of a pool of foster care experts who can train local governments and NGO staff with the final aim at creating a post-graduation university course on Alternative Care services.


Protecting children from harm and abuse and taking action against all forms of abuse towards them is one of our priorities. If you note any form of abuse to children during an activity or work supported by Save the Children please report immediately at: Phone: +355 4 2261840, +355 4 2261929


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